"It's About The Funny"

At Smoking Monkey we believe that humor, in all its unique forms, helps to better communicate ideas, feelings and concepts to the viewer. Combined with decades of experience and the finest production minds available, we ensure a high quality product that provokes thought, curiosity and laughter.  


Who We Are


Anthony Wood is a writer, actor, director and producer with over 25 years experience in film and video production. He has amassed dozens of feature and short film screenplays, and over 45 short and full-length stage plays, including the cult holiday hit, A Cudahy Caroler Christmas. His written work can be seen here.


Claudia Looze is an Emmy Award-winning producer/director with projects that include: The Making of Milwaukee; A Partner To Genius; Three Wright Eras; Love & War ;and Milwaukee: A City Built On Water. She has produced projects with Public Television, WisconsinEye, and The Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin Foundation.



       Projects created with smart and talented clients.


       The free time fun stuff.

                                     that's not coffee!       

                                                               Our "every now and again"podcast where we sit down and chat with folks from all                                                                                      across the creative spectrum.